The Internal Revenue Service has issed a news release pertaining a scam making waves through the country. Criminals are putting false tax refunds into individuals bank accounts, and then attempting to reclaim the refund.

The criminals will hack into tax preparers' computers, steal taxpayer data, file tax returns as the taxpayer, have the fund distributed into the taxpayer's bank accounts and then will ask for the erroneous refund back.

The IRS stated in the news release that "there are established procedures taxpayers should follow to return erroneous funds to the IRS. Tax Topic Number 161 - Returning an Erroneous Refund has full details about how to return the money, including the actual mailing addresses where a taxpayer should send a paper check, if necessary. By law, interest may accrue on erroneous refunds."

Also, contact your bank and tax preparer, as you may need to close bank accounts.